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WIDTH:  5 inches

THICKNESS:  0.5 inches

LENGTHS:  1-7 foot random lengths (Multiple full 7' boards in each bundle and average of 5'+)


  • 100% authentic reclaimed hardwood.  Mix of Red and White Oak.
  • All Natural Colors.   No Chemicals or dyes are used.  The Weathered Gray is the result of years of exposure to the sun, wind, rain, etc.  The Antique Brown is simply the side of the boards that were on the inside of the barn/structure.  
  • Kiln Dried to Stabalize and Sterilize
  • Sturdy Solid Construction.  This IS NOT some flimsy 1/8" veneer with some stickers on the back.
  • Long Lengths for the true Barnwood ambiance.  

Reclaimed Wall Planks Antique Brown