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Barnwood Siding is one of our 2 basic classifications of our reclaimed lumber.  This lumber was used on the exterior of a barn/structure and has a unique characteristic of being weathered gray on the facing the elements and darker brown side that faced the interior. The barnwood siding typically has a more pronounced texture of circle saw marks and weathering.  


HIGH YIELD:  Anyone purchasing reclaimed lumber knows its a risk and typically need to have a large waste factor.  We remove that risk by only selling lumber that will have a 92-95+% production yield.  (I know, because I work with the stuff everyday and don't bring in a bunch of rotted out boards).

DIMENSIONS:  The Barndwood Siding lumber is classified as heavy 4/4" lumber.  It's only available as width sorted material so you specify the width you need.  Lengths range from 8' up to 14' long.  

GRADE:  Rustic/Character Grade


  • 100% Authentic Reclaimed Hardwood.  Mix of White Oak, Red Oak, and Occassion Hickory
  • Kiln Dried to Stabalize and Sterilize  
  • Custom-Sorted-To-Order gives you the option for any width or combination as well as lengths.  

Reclaimed Lumber, Barnwood Siding

  • PRICING:  CONTACT US for referral to your local dealer or direct pricing if a dealer is not available in you area.  The $10 Price is for samples.


    SAMPLE:  Samples consist of 2-3 pieces to show you a small variety of the color tones and characteristics you'll get with this product.  


    ORDERING:  Reclaimed Hardwood Lumber is pulled/sorted to order and requires communication with our sales team which is why it is not available for direct purchase through the website.  

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